Stained glass from Ukraine

    We are stained glass studio TM ArtGlass. We are engaged in manufacturing of stained glass of different types and of any complexity.

  • Stained glass in the interior: windows, partitions, doors, lamps, candelabrum, decor and more.
  • Sacral stained glass from Ukraine.
  • Author’s stained glass in Tiffany’s technique.
  • Jewelry, small decor.
  • Can be an additional decor, for example: engraving and painting on glass.
  • We design and produce custom stained glass, based on the wishes of our customers.

    Our assortment is more than 1000 finished products, it is stained glass candlesticks, wall panels, florariums, pendants, decorations and many more interesting decor-solutions.

Вітраж зі Львова TM ArtGlass Про Нас
Вітраж зі Львова TM ArtGlass Про Нас
Stained glass from Ukraine About
Stained glass from Ukraine About
Stained glass from Ukraine
TM ArtGlass Про Нас
About us

 The founder of TM ArtGlass studio has been making stained glass since 2001, so it is more than 20 years of experience.

 The studio itself was founded in 2012 with no less experienced masters.

 After all, experience = quality!


We do exclusive things on our own sketches. And we always listen to the wishes of our customers!


Stained glass studio TM ArtGlass has been working in Ukraine for over 10 years.

Вітраж зі Львова TM ArtGlass Про Нас
High quality!

 Our products are in demand not only for the decoration of homes, but also for various other buildings, such as churches, medical clinics, restaurants, holiday complexes, photo studios and many more.
Many of our clients are foreigners.